Today, millions of people woke up and maybe smiled at the memories of a great weekend. I am sure most of you, specially if you are a lady, had a bit of a dilemma (I sure do!) when choosing the clothes for the day and briefly thought “God, I have nothing to wear”, right. Today, millions woke up on a comfortable bed, probably in a lovely house, maybe with views to a river in a European capital. In other more southern place of this isn't even a topic. 

In a place where there are no fancy avenues full of designer stores and no differences made between individuals regarding fashion styles, a blue T-shirt by that famous designer means little to nothing. In this place real values still matter.

What can you find out reading “Volunteer on the Road?”

This blog is about a group of four people travelling to Kenya, ready to experience that way of living while volunteering with Pendo. David, Alvaro, Nicolas and myself will spend 2 weeks in Kenya during the month of August in order to have a breath of what means to be an African in Kenya, to live in that part of the world and ready to break down all of those stereotypes we have in the Occidental world about poverty and about Africa. We are not sure what we will find over there but what we are sure about is that this won’t be a depressing blog about poverty. The reality has to change and this time the lecture in life is going to be given by them TO US. Definitely not the opposite.

The 4 of us are lucky enough to work to a company that has a strong philanthropic philosophy. At Salesforce we are given 7 paid days per year to go and give back to society through volunteering under our 1-1-1 Model.

Why Pendo?

Back in February our colleagues Chloe, Alain, Diddi, Jordan and Ciara already had the chance to join Pendo in their school project in Kenya. They came back just talking beautiful things about the experience. One day I sat with Chloe who was showing me the pictures she took and my heart melted big time with those kids. I felt I already knew what I wanted to do next, so after that we contacted Joy who gave us a few more insights about the organisation.




Pendo was founded by Joy Reiche, a half German half Kenyan lady in 2011. Since then, they have been focused in bringing education to rural areas in Kenya where there is no possibility for children to learn. I asked Joy to tell me about her motivation towards driving this project. Her answer left me speechless so I rather copy-paste her words: 

The world is a mess and I truly believe that those who are the lucky growing up in a safe and financially estable country have the duty to give to those who are not (...) I studied Marketing and Advertising but I found out quite quickly that my place is not behind a desk where I hatch out a plan on how people spend more money on unhealthy food and low-quality products. So PENDO it is! 


Our duties “in the field” will be based in fixing different parts of the current school that are damaged, like the roof; but also engage with the community and get a better understanding of what is the impact of Pendo. All the fundraising, though, will be going to the main project Pendo is focused at the moment: MAHENZO GOES GREEN!

So here we are, just about a month to go! During July I will be posting about all you need to know about what it means to volunteer abroad; just a warm up before I start reporting live from Kenya!

Help us make Pendo Kenia viral, just share this blog in your Social Media channels and donate something to make the project MAHENZO GOES GREEN possible!

Sofia J. Valls